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5 Myths About BDSM Debunked

The recent release of 50 Shades of Grey in cinemas last month has had the internet up in arms about the film and its portrayal of BDSM. 1,382 more words


Origin of Lo Bird: First Part (Sex Club Story Piece 5)

Origin of Lo Bird: First Part
Lloyd Edward Bird had never considered becoming a sex slave. It wasn’t exactly a dream career to dance in his underwear at gay bars either, but that was life at the moment. 1,800 more words

Day 4, Seoul: Gangnam Style

When you are tired, sleep. How is that for infinite wisdom?

It is safe to say both Ji-hoon and I were exhausted today and decided to make it a lazy day. 736 more words

Expedition Asia

You, engulfed!

When the sun shines on the sea,
I think of you…

When the sky disowns the sun,

I think of you…

When the earth rotates on its axis, 180 more words


Lifestyle: Nail Tropics SM BF Paranaque

Weather in the Philippines now is so terrible! It’s too hot I wanted to sleep in the refrigerator, be in my room with AC on all the time or just be in the mall all day from opening hours til nighttime. 1,055 more words


Jesus came in my Wellington boots.

A sermon by the Reverend Batty von Goebbels

How dare the decedents of Plymouth brethren, active in the decimation and genocide of Native Americans mention spirituality. 494 more words


The Taste

Sitting on our bed waiting sweetly for our game, her
Eyes saucer-black with lust follow me to our closet
Her breath’s slowness grows heavy with anticipation… 286 more words