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One crystalising aspect of time is learning who you are by learning what path your heart has taken to its safe harbour, its resting place.

Slow Living

New York Weddings Magazine featured Lakshman Sagar

This Way to Nowhere

No Internet, no TV, no phone, no nothing: a dozen dream destinations for a truly off-the-radar honeymoon.

Lakshman Sagar, India

Raipur, India… 192 more words


Things never really seem to go as planned. I’m certainly not sitting here idly waiting for something to happen but I have stopped planning…for the most part. 160 more words


slow down

To really know yourself, you need to firstly slow down, and then stop.

I felt inspired today just watching our beautiful slow living dog, as he did what he does best…absolutely nothing. 30 more words


There is something about the food our hands have tended to, something invested and weighty and personal, that stirs the sleeping ancestors within us, that whispers into bellies full and hearts ripe for knowing, the wisdom that eludes us as we rush about our lives, the secrets we forget about in supermarket aisles. 236 more words

Slow Living

Morning Ritual - a video

I thought I’d try something new… and made a short video.
A short video of one of my favorite times of day. Morning.

Enjoy your morning – wherever you are. 64 more words


spring fling

This may or may not be monumental to my Southern California friends, but out here in Colorado spring has sprung!  Yes, really.  Friends from the Midwest and Montana know how riveting this is.   300 more words

Slow Living