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enjoy the ride

I’ve never been very good at relaxing.

I’m good at procrastinating, but that is still just keeping busy to avoid doing the things you need to, so I wouldn’t really call that relaxing either. 235 more words


What a girl needs

Chicken coops suddenly got fancy. They were basically a tin shed and a wire run when I was a kid. Nowadays they have cute cottages of their own, complete with window boxes of herbs to snack on. 913 more words


what we see

I saw this blackboard sign in a shop this morning and it really grabbed my attention.

My day so far has not been one of embracing as much of the slow living ideal as I would like.  146 more words


the way of the snail

I have tended towards busyness in my life. Lots to do. Work was time, heart, and attention-consuming. Serious relationships have generally been with women who were interesting, intelligent, and charismatic. 310 more words


Cluck Cluck

When my son, The Mathematician, was 2 years old, we took him to a petting zoo. It was meant to be the highlight of the kids’ Christmas Party…until he was pecked on the chest by a chicken. 552 more words


First ones out

As I told you earlier, the spring here has been slow and cold. But the seedlings have been growing and I noticed that the beans started to look unwell just because they had too small space. 425 more words


On being grounded

We have moved to Queenstown and change is still our constant companion. New places, new adventures, new kindy and playcentre, new weather, new house noises and quirks, new shops and resources, new people, new drives, rooms still untouched and not ordered etc. 139 more words

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