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Question of the Day June 29th 2015 by Blair Gaulton

Question of the Day June 29th 2015
Would you ask;
a drunk ‘n’ disjointed slinky
for directions?
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2015


Maneuver Monday

 How is this position even possible, let alone remotely comfortable for snoozing?  Is Sam part slinky or is this a new form of yoga? Talk about being twisted. 12 more words


Abstract | "The Slinky"

Go to: Searchy.One! A Google Custom Search Engine by Randy and Help Us.

Randy | Photos and The Pictures Show

Some work from several years ago… 7 more words


It has occurred to me that Sam and I speak totally different languages. I understand English for the most part and he understands some other language that I’m not familiar with completely. 556 more words


Is That a Super Hero?

Able to chill beer at a rate at least ten times faster than your average pile of ice, if stared at too long, the shiny spiraling tubes have been known to disorient a beer drinker, it’s a… 297 more words

SLINKY- An accident, which turned into a Toy

Slinky, is one of the most popular toys ever. Everybody has played with this, but did you know that, the reason to use it as a toy was entirely accidental! 246 more words

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