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How Acupuncture Works

The Nervous System is the most important component of human life. On a gross scale, it provides us with consciousness, allows for incredible feats of human movement and performance, and provides an unbelievable ability to detect and integrate our senses so that we can interact with the environment and each other. 727 more words


Significant swing to the Greens makes Summer Hill a Greens-Labor marginal

Greens for Summer Hill – Media Release


30 March 2015

The Greens are very pleased with the significant positive swing of around 3.5% in Summer Hill to make it a Greens-Labor marginal, saying the result put the Labor Party on notice as Greens support marches West.   295 more words


Pz.IV Ausf.H - Part 8: Finished

As the saying goes, there is no better motivation than a deadline. My modelling work sometimes feels as embodiment of this rule. Usually throughout the year I work on number of projects, but as the time of a model show approaches I always try to get some of them finished and present them. 505 more words


New trick - Fakie Slider

The first time I saw a gnarly slider in MTB was when Pavel ‘Vishneviy’ Alekhin did one in the 2009 VVC force video, and then saw them return at the beginning of  63 more words


"Whiplash" - A Movie Review

Although Whiplash is a movie about jazz music, it is not limited to jazz fans. The music and the passion of the actors this movie transmits are immense and make everybody wonder what is going to happen next. 506 more words


Teching Care of Your Health


When most people think of unhealthy living, they picture fast food and sitting around on a coach. But few think about the negative impact technology has on our health. 284 more words


Rowe rallies Revolution

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

By Pearl Allison Lo

~ Not only did New England end their scoreless streak Saturday, they won their first game, beating the San Jose Earthquakes 2-1 on a snowy Saturday. 408 more words