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Canned Meat, And Swollen Toes

I went to bed really really late last night as I did some late-day bingeing on the Jitsu wa Watashi Wa chapters I missed.  Still good stuff, but I’m really worried at how the anime will turn out now, especially with the reveal of the awfully generic redesigns for it. 200 more words

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Dear KLCC Management,

I just wanna share a rather annoying account with some scammer I had sometime this week while I was shopping around KLCC.

So I was admiring the cute stationaries at Typo when one dude handed over a piece of paper. 510 more words

Slice Of My Life

Goodbye, Carefree Days

That was certainly the impression I got from my teammates, once our crash-course through the functions of the Operator Queue was done and we had to return to our stations.   364 more words

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Many Detours Before Home

I didn’t go straight home after yesterday’s shift, as I had a scheduled general assembly to attend immediately afterward.  So I took my things from my locker, then headed up to the tenth floor with some of the other people from account.   266 more words

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Less Of A Birthday Party, More Like A Quick Family Visit

There was a slight change in plan, as I was so sleepy by the time I got off work that there was just no way I was going to be able to go to the wet market without stumbling around like a drunkard.   401 more words

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Big Day For The Little Guy

It’s the birthday of my nephew tomorrow, which means that I’m meeting up with my father tomorrow for a quick visit to the wet market, to buy the pork barbecue for our little get-together, as well as to refill our fridge’s larder, so to speak.   254 more words

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Start-Of-The-Week Whoopsies

Mondays always mean schedule readjustments for me, which meant that I was not surprised in the least that I woke up early today.  I had gone to bed at a sensible time after all (ten in the evening, or thereabouts), though this means that I’m going to be off-balanced for my shift in the evening, as this means that my body is still “set” like a normal person…  Though I tried to go to bed before noon, the cool weather (cloudy skies plus good breezes) made it hard to grab some constant shut-eye.   250 more words

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