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Time Keeps On Slipping...

March has been an odd month for me these past few years —

Except for the staunchest of my winter loving friends, most of us in the Northern Hemisphere have all reached our saturation point of cold and snow by now and want it all gone already. 483 more words


Pomp and Circumstance

I’m going to tell you something parents of typically developing kids don’t know. Therapists, whether they are speech therapists, occupational therapists, or music therapists, become your child’s friends.  577 more words

Slice Of Life

To: Educators

Dear educators,

I’m kindly asking you to please be more considerate with your workloads. As a high school student, every single week of school is a struggle. 246 more words

Slice Of Life

Fifteen plus one

As a child I always wondered

What I would be like at 16.

Would I be vile?

Would I be virtuous?

Or somewhere in between? 113 more words

Slice Of Life

C6 : College

Yo! gua hari ini baru aja menemukan kesedihan yang akan gua alami sebentar lagi… yup, seperti judul… bentar lagi UN > Lulus > Perpisahan… well gua merasa sedih ketika denger kata pisah, masalahya diantara temen gua yang abnormal gua sendiri yang lulusnya kuliah… they just be a police, and i pray for their success… gua juga baru selesai melakukan pendaftaran disalah satu sekolah tinggi luar kota, gua makin lama makin sedih karna bentar lagi gua pisah dari old life gua ke new life gua.. 284 more words



Lee Eunsook and Lee Taemin

Based on this request

Eunsook bahkan bukan kakaknya. 2,451 more words



Sam had finally earned another lunch out.  We had planned for me to take him on Monday since I was actually going to be home.  All year long Max has been begging for us to include him on a lunch out.   195 more words

Slice Of Life