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The bags under my eyes

I think this guy looks better than me right now….


Was It You?

Are you the one who woke my kids up so early with your mourning and your cooing? If you do it again tomorrow, be a deer and get them breakfast. 9 more words


BBQ'n With Black Folks

Black folks ain’t never on time like OMG. We can say hey I’m getting dressed now and be on my way but in black terms that just means give me like 2/3 hours and I’ll be there. 120 more words


Eh, I’m tired. It’s hard to focus, hard to create. It’s hard to be the person that makes things.

I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone, but for me part of the process of creativity is the process of meta-creativity. 369 more words

Problem Machine

Phouka Loves Ryu: 139 "Busy, Busy, Busyzzzzz..."

So, tired… I’m finishing up all of the last bits that I have to make before The Steampunk world’s fair.

I’m super excited to vend but I’m also super tired. Got to keep working!


Sleep Tight

Night Night bloggers! Finna finish my night with this and maybe another blog if I’m up for it.

So my boyfriend recently did my tattoo and ohhhh has the soreness kicked in. 70 more words