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Sleepy ramble - thesis moratorium didn't last long

Well, so much for the thesis moratorium. It lasted until about 8:00pm last night, when I set myself up for a date tonight and reinstalled Tinder. 760 more words

Day 4

I’m officially looking something like this dog now. Staring into space..

Today so tired…
Nevermind, I wanna accomplish my goal so I shall still blog. 97 more words


sitting in silence

halfway between bliss and melancholy

Mona Lisa smile and half mast eyes

reveling in gifted lilies

tulips opening

sharing the moment

Poetic Words

15 + Hours Later - 20th March 2015

I eventually got home from work at about 12:30 ish

I saw the boss off on her travels with the promise of being there tomorrow at 13:00 or there abouts, the A55 & roadworks may interfere. 91 more words


Super quick update

I’m tired and semi wounded of sorts from a long walk to work last night. And a long night of work. So the next 30 day of truth and any other updates will probably happen this afternoon.


Sneak Peek: Miss Baby R | North Sydney Photographer | Photo Finish Photography

Had the pleasure of photographing Miss Baby R again yesterday, now 5 months.. how time flies when you’re having fun!!  Her brother Mr L came along for support and Mum was so chilled throughout the whole session that it made for a wonderful session.   59 more words

Photo Finish Photography

late nights and new beginnings.

Tonight is one of those rare few late nights I rarely experience anymore, and it’s kind of nice. By no means do I miss my graveyard shift days at the retirement home, but I do miss the quietness — the peace in knowing that I am awake while the world around me sleeps. 506 more words