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I feel like

how a bathtub must feel when you pull the plug and let the dirty water flow out. Big space with no body to hold, and losing purpose as the last of the water flurries down the drain. 21 more words


That moment.

When you’re lying in bed while on your phone and you suddenly, for no reason, drop it right on your face.

Y, hand. Y u disappoint.


Don’t you think it’s annoying how you want to sleep but you can’t? If not, well, it is to me!

Like right now, for example. I’m tired and weary and lazy and sleepy. 120 more words

Happy Wednesday May 20th!!!

Today’s mood is far better than yesterday, let me tell ya! I was a grumpy paranoid wreck who didn’t want to be spoken to or even looked at! 856 more words


sleep deprivation, a.k.a. I woke up like dis.

Hola, chicas (& Spanish “gentlemen”),

+stuDYING. Sun’s out! Back to …school? So my semester break went by in about three and a half blinks. Sadness. This current semester is gonna be jam-packed! 337 more words