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A Tea Lady Tale

So I previously posted a review about a very dear tearoom in Middlesbrough called The Olde Young Tea House and I absolutely love it there. Well, good news, I am very proud to announce that I have a job there and am now a tea lady. 460 more words

My Vintage

Feeling Maleficent

After watching Maleficent with Angelina Jolie, I decided to draw the misunderstood evil fairy. 31 more words


Making Life Better

I have been just sitting at home, locked inside my room and staring at the wall, the first one which is painted in maroon, and I had some idea about how to make life better. 751 more words


Leap Second: Disney Style

Ahh it’s going to be a long day today.

No, literally. Because… leap second. Get it? Not a funny joke, okay.

Anyway, to summarize a bunch of science-y stuff that I don’t 100% understand but am going to pretend like I do, the Earth’s rotation is slowing down, which means something or other, and so some very smart people decided to add a second to the day to… I don’t know, keep up with astromonical time? 467 more words


Book Review: Light a Candle for the Beast

As someone who’s written a re-telling of Rapunzel and a variant of The Sleeping Beauty, it should come as no surprise that I like fairy tales. 191 more words


Macro | Dornröschen - Sleeping Beauty

Please Help Me to Get a New Camera => Hi my friends!
My Name is Randall and I live in Easton, MD USA. I’m 39 years old and I’m currently disable for multiple back injuries and Major Depression. 67 more words