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5 Stages of Toddler Nap Time

I love an afternoon nap time! While it helps in the overall growth of children, it also clearly gives a break to a crazy day. Nap times make my children less cranky at night, so in return, I am more sane. 572 more words



Work, work, work is my motto for today’s Monday as it was a super busy day in the office. Thankfully I work in the basement of a rather large company and have only 10 other people who tend to find me during the day. 297 more words


Solace in Dreams

I close my eyes inviting the dream world to claim me for its own and pray that I will be transported to a land of freedom and peace and joy and that tomorrow I may have rest



Happiness is a state we all strive for. It’s an “inalienable right” of ours as human beings by our creator. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Remember that?   675 more words


Finally Sleep

Mr. Finn is finally sleeping through the night! Or at least he has for the past week. I’m so excited!

The change came with him passing the thirteen pound mark, him sleeping more comfortably on his belly and with us feeding him A LOT more throughout the day. 117 more words


the art of sleeping

I don’t know what it is about uni that makes us revert back to nursery days of taking afternoon naps and binge-watching cartoons, but it does. 570 more words

Caucasians in Paris: Surviving a year in France

I would like to dedicate this post to Elen and Fenella, without whose love, support and willingness to drown all sorrows in copious amounts of vin rouge and paprika pringles, I would never have made it out alive. 2,904 more words