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Pets as an idol

Watching my three small degus relaxing is awesome. Their faces and their whole bodies are totally relaxed and there´s nothing more important for them in that moment except sleeping. 163 more words

Tea District (thoughts And Ideas)

Good morning!

Sleep hanging on,

like webs of a glorious place

dreams rent asunder

a palm wide tongue

a happy smile

the canine’s passion

“GET UP GETUP!” 61 more words


Day 85: Naps 2

A few days ago I wrote a post about napping and the benefits of such a “hobby,” after learning of how useful napping can be, I attempted to take a twenty minute nap daily to observe the benefits. 223 more words


The sun rises and we are wrenched away from each other. With long, flowing arms, you beckon me back to you. I return your longing. I could spend forever peacefully floating with you. 337 more words


This morning bird does not understand night owls.

Eavesdropping on conversations in public is always fascinating to me. You can learn a lot about people by listening to their conversations. And in some settings, people are almost asking to be listened to, like on the bus. 386 more words


For Science - ll

Earth date:- 6th March 2015

Last night was not one of Spain’s finest moments although I venture to suggest it will not be recorded in the annals of history by any of its contemporaries and only noted here. 772 more words


Unanswered questions

There are so many things about babies I don’t understand and no one can tell you when you ask:

• why don’t babies come out understanding rational and logical thought? 211 more words