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A Slave In This Century


It has no trace in Human Race, atleast in present times. See closely with your open minds, watch the actions in the name of Helping other Humans you will find enough proof that Slavery exists in Different Form. 60 more words


On the Web: Awareness: Free The Slaves Videos

“Free the Slaves has created one of the world’s largest video libraries on modern slavery. Our films empower survivors and activists to tell their stories in their own words.” 10 more words

On The Web

In the Media: Documentary: The Fighters

A CNN freedom project documentary

The Fighters

“One woman fighting a never-ending battle against sex slavery enlists a warrior ally to her corner. Both find inspiration in each other and the children they saved as they take on the most challenging fight of their lives. 30 more words

In The Media

Gerald Horne's "The Counter-Revolution of 1776"

Gerald Horne’s basic thesis is implicit in his title: the real revolution of the 1770s was the British turn against slavery represented by the Somerset… 1,262 more words

Declaration Of Independence

The utilitarian argument for slavery

Utilitarian ethicists like Sam Harris propose that questions of morality are essentially about the maximisation of ‘well-being’ of conscious creatures. This is where the “good” is ‘that which supports well-being’ and ‘values’ are the ‘set of attitudes, choices and behaviors that potentially affect our well-being’. 426 more words


Action Plan Idea - Take a Stand


Why should I get involved?

It’s estimated that over 36 million people live in slavery today – more than the population of Canada. Stand 4 Freedom gives you an opportunity to raise your voice and take a stand on their behalf. 306 more words

Making A Difference