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Stone Wall

A compilation of images of native Cornish rocks, igneous and metamorphic, granites and slates, with interesting natural patterns and textures, found in various stone walls of buildings in St Ives, Cornwall in England.

Nature Photography

Calculator Shows How Rich You Would Be If You Didn't Have A Wedding

Well, this is just sad….no other way to put it.

Slate.com decided they would lay the smackdown RIGHT on your checking account but letting you know how much money you would have right NOW if you would have eloped and invested the money over spending on a lavish wedding. 137 more words


Dry Heat: As Lake Mead Hits Record Lows and Water Shortages Loom, Arizona Prepares For the Worst

May 8th, 2015


Summary: Arizona faces serious ramifications resulting from the California drought. As Lake Mead, a pivotal reservoir for the southwest, continues to lose volume, area farmers risk losing their livelihood as water cutbacks continue. 93 more words


The Carry Out 5-27-15

We may not have a full show tonight, but we still have Justin’s take on the top news stories of the day including a Cook County Commissioner wanting to charge gang members as domestic terrorists, the rental fee for Grant Park being waived for the NFL draft, Illinois State Senator Christine Radogno upset that Governor Bruce Rauner’s pro-jobs bill was killed by committee, the Chicago Blackhawks on the brink of elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs, the latest on the Coach Thibs saga and some advice for out-of-towners…from 1888. 14 more words

The Download

Why Slate Matters

Serious billiards players know that a slate pool table can help their game, but do you know why slate is so important? We break down the top five reasons that slate matters to your game. 131 more words

Game On

Were You There?

A 10th-grader perches on the edge of her chair as her biology teacher lectures on evolution. She listens intently. The years she’s spent in Sunday school and church services have prepared her for this very moment. 185 more words