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Texas Chainsaw Massacre III - Benny Runs Like a Girl

There are men and the there are men.  The internet can collectively fawn over Chuck Norris all day, but if you want to find some true badasses, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper.  717 more words


Texas Chainsaw (2013) [Movie]

“Do your thing, cuz!”

It’s not a good movie by any means, but as a horror movie I was enjoying the ride up until that… ridiculous ending. 205 more words


Dracula 2000 (2000) [Movie]

“I don’t drink… coffee.”

Having first watched this at a younger age, I was disappointed to find out how not scary this movie actually is. The music is unbearably cheesy, Dracula is never terrifying and it is action-overkill. 166 more words


Chiller TV Unveils 2015-16 Programming Schedule

Over the last few years, the Chiller TV channel has proved itself as a dedicated horror programing outlet. Broadcasting classic horror and sci-fi films as well as original specials and original movies, Chiller is the one channel I miss since getting rid of cable. 737 more words

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Black Christmas (1974)

Director: Bob Clark
Olivia Hussey -Jess
Keir Dullea – Peter
Margot Kidder – Barb
John Saxon – Lt. Ken Fuller

Plot – Members of a sorority house are terrorised by a stranger making terrifying phone calls, are murdered during their Christmas break. 270 more words

"Hack-O-Lantern" aka "Halloween Night" (1988)

As i’ve mentioned in earlier reviews, Horror films often times reflect current themes in society. Films such as Cannibal Holocaust and Dawn Of The Dead… 365 more words


Giallo Fantastique is Dark, Lush, and Irresistable

One of my favorite film genres is, without a doubt, the giallo. The giants in this area – Argento, Bava, Lucio – provide such an interesting mix of mystery, murder, noir, and always just a touch of something a little more. 495 more words