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Networking with other self published authors

It’s important to know how to network with other self published authors.  Some quick reasons can be blog interviews, reviews, cover artists, book beta readers and editors.   302 more words


snow days and self-gratification on Skype

First thing is first, I am sick to fucking death about the snow.  Granted, when I woke up today it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  The snow was absolutely breathtaking as I looked at the branches of the elm trees outside and the light powdered snow stuck to them.  467 more words

Snapchat and Qik

In October 2014, Skype introduced SnapChat’s competitor app QIK. The App is said to have the ability to send up to 42 second long videos. The app sticks to Skype’s roots but uses Snapchats idea. 336 more words

Social Media

Connecting Through Stories: World Read Aloud Day Part 4

It’s snowing in the northeast, so today’s WRAD15 connections were a bit tricky.  I had 4 cancellations today, but that did not stop classes from coming to the library to still hear some good stories read aloud. 512 more words


What are lectins?

These little annoyances have cropped up quite a bit in my practice recently. Particularly, with a client who has Crohn’s Disease, an auto-immune condition which effects the entire digestive tract.   450 more words


Ok Google, You Jacked Up My Skype

The last few times I’ve tried to use Skype from my phone, I’ve had a problem where the person I’m calling says I sound like a chipmunk and they can’t understand anything I say… 285 more words


Happy World Read Aloud Day 2015: Connecting Through Stories Part 3

The official World Read Aloud Day 2015 is in the books.  We still have 2 days of connections, but it was fun to have a full day for the actual calendar date. 1,104 more words