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I’ve been restarting my journey into the world of photography and modeling with this lovely lady. We always have fun, get creative, and end up with awesome shots. 294 more words

6 Fitspo Posters. For your Enjoyment.

I saw a post on buzzfeed today here about “fitspo” or  Fitness -inspirational messages that they had edited to make them more realistic. I see so many of these things cross my facebook page all the time, so after a while, I think we all have these thoughts. 114 more words


Skinny TeaTox??

So, I’m thinking about starting the Skinny TeaTox. There’s PLENTY of positive feedback and convincing testimonials, there’s even 18 pages worth of Before & After pics of clients. 364 more words


Sunday 1st March recap

As I mentioned in my previous post, I worked a late shift at the nursing home. This meant I didn’t get home until it was close to 11, and was too tired to eat the last meal of the day. 89 more words

Weight Loss

Dear fellows formerly known as the fat-chicks of the world...

…aka plus-sizes. I have a very high BMI and wear an US size 26 (EU54). Now let me show you something.

Here is self-loathing.

Here is adoring yourself. 483 more words


Boo Tea Review

*~*~*~*~*~PRODUCT REVIEW~*~*~*~*~*

I found out about BooTea on Instagram an noticed that it was very popular and was always posed with super toned/skinny gals.

So of COURSE I had to do some research for y’all and see what the noise was about!! 475 more words


Day 11 of Back to the Basics- Getting In My Way

I really need to update and blog more regularly.  It helps me stay on track and acknowledge my progress, or lack thereof.

So it’s day 11 of getting back to the basics.  438 more words

Calorie Counting