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Transitioning from cutting to maintaining...

Saturday I got the shock of being a size 4. While most people would probably say “be happy, be excited, or who cares” mentally for me it was a lot. 544 more words

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May 22-23 Food Diary

May 22nd

Went on a 3 mile walk during the day to get some groceries, and discovered a gamechanger for this summer: there’s a new cafe 1.5 miles away! 577 more words


here we go 💪

pair of shorts came into the mail today, size 10, and I couldn’t button them. yaaaay, feels great considering I was a size 8.
tomorrow I am starting the 5 day cinch cleanse/diet. 88 more words

Addams - Skeleton Skinny Jeans & Rapsodia Jacket w/shirt

Tough and cute together, these Skeleton skinny mesh jeans, exclusively for Kustom9 and this colorful mesh Rapsodia jacket with shirt, exclusively for Uber, both from Addams. 18 more words

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“Just Eat!” : For Skinny Girls

“Just eat more!”
“Bo you dray o”
“Of course you can afford to eat another doughnut, look at you”
“Somebody feed her-fufu or a Big Mac ” 577 more words


May 20-21 Food Diary

May 20th

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day moving stuff between rooms (as I’m moving from my old room to my brother’s old room for the summer… we’re both old :P ), which gave me a surprising amount of steps/calories burned on my fitbit! 431 more words



been a while since I’ve wrote. I’m still unhappy with my body & I’ve been doing workouts and drinking more water. after I eat though I just feel gross & stick my finger down my throat. 61 more words