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you don't have to be on the red carpet to use a personal shopper, non dovete essere da tappeto rosso per utilizzare una personal shopper

Yes ladies out there, personal shopping is for all of you, red carpet or not!  (I mean no problem, I can still help if you need an outfit for a red carpet too :-) ) 471 more words

Casual Style

Green linen, cream, black and pink

Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages; Telescope Necklace: Honey Beejoux; Linen blazer & jeans: Old Navy; Cami: The Gap; Shoes: Havaiana.

This post’s alternate title is: “I really, really, … 115 more words

Skinny Jeans


The calm and neutral colors I wore on this shoot reflected the mood I felt on the day. I’d just had a fresh haircut and believed it went well with my lookbook’s heart neck top and basic baby blue jeans. 83 more words


A pox on skinny jeans.

You will be glad to hear there will be no more talk of that ‘Yes’ vote, I am back to this blog being all about me! 648 more words


Fashion Students' Legs

My initial idea that these young women would represent all the excitement in the future of fashion was literally ripped apart. At the knees.


All White Affair

It’s bank holiday, wahoo! I spent it was my favourite people and managed to cram so much in. Last night we turnt up (as we do) and we had a great time. 85 more words


This Is Everyone's Dilemma After Buying The Bigger And Better iPhone 6 (Video)

When cellphones first burst onto the scene, they were the size of a brick and only slightly more functional.
Zack Morris did what he could to make them cool, but he could only do so much; the market wanted smaller phones, and smaller phones is what the market got. 6 more words