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Discovering Zeen Luxury Beauty

I wanted to tell you about this new brand, Zeen. Their first product, Zeen Face & Body Oil, is a natural and organic argan oil from Morocco. 468 more words


[Review] AC Clinic Intense Liquid Spot

While i have pimple , i always using insifree , because that product its awesome. All my time favorite for pimple trouble but since where i living we dont have inisfree , and its take a long time to order online so i bought this one from etude… 299 more words



Hello my beauties, welcome back! so, remember about 2 Fridays ago, i wrote about what to do when you’re sick, right? well, of course, the sickness have to come to an end (THANK GOD!!) and it’s time to go and get your superhero suit on and continue your life wherever it had stopped! 359 more words

Clinique Three Step Skin Care System - 10 Day Challenge

Hello Everyone

I moved to a hill station  since 5 months and I stated noticing breakouts because of the higher altitude and the climate change. I decided it’s time to change my skin care routine. 101 more words

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Yummy: Cherry&Macadamia Body Butter

A strange and unintended theme has popped up on my blog in the last couple of weeks: beauty products that sound good enough to eat. From the avocado and jojoba… 146 more words


Natural Perfection Eye Makeup Remover

Many ingredients are part of the eye makeup remover that women use on their skin daily. There are actually some that are not good for your skin and should be avoided. 21 more words

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Buy Best Organic Skin Care Products

If you are sick and tired of using beauty and skin creams that the supermodels promote in advertisements? No need to worry Glam Nation Organic Skin Care Products… 23 more words

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