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PSparklers : An Amateur Photographer Edition 

So, the fireworks season is finally amongst us And I am oh so excited to finally see fireworks again downtown this upcoming weekend! Fireworks has always been something magical to me, endless explosions along with plenty of shooting sparks bursting out of a canon or a tube. 252 more words

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Difference between Skills & Tools

A Photographer once went to a socialite party in New York.

As he entered, the host said, “I simply love your pictures – they are wonderful. 62 more words


Soccer Tricks - The Best Soccer Tricks To Develop Your Skills

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Soccer Tricks
Review from parent!…This is a stage by stage learning program for each trick and move. It has a fast shot ;a slow shot with graphics; another slow shot and then fast shot again. 14 more words



Sidenote: Regarding the photo in my previous post where I was chillin’ in my sun hat and sports bra… for the cabin life, it’s totally considered normal. 678 more words

#DearBezaleel, just like you, we are blessed with amazing skills & abilities!

Ever wondered if God cared about your creativity and your work? The stuff you do with your hands? The skills, abilities and talents He himself blessed you with? 124 more words


Software Testing is a State of Mind

I was prompted to write this by yet another post on whether or not testers should learn to code. While it gave cogent arguments on both sides, it (prematurely, I believe) concluded that testing is a fundamental skill for testers, and discussed how testers could develop their coding skills. 548 more words

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New divers often have troubles equalizing, even in the pool. Female divers seem to be more prone to it, but don’t be ashamed if you’re either an experienced diver or a male diver (or an experienced male diver). 1,467 more words

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