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Dealing with Small Groups

After my last post, one of my readers commented on something, and it’s been rolling around in my head since then…  Here’s the comment:


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Critical Thought

Early Springtime Thoughts

Springtime “officially” comes tomorrow, and given the weather this winter, it couldn’t come soon enough.  I’m eager to get things in the ground–just as soon as I can actually… 733 more words

Skills And Practice

Small can be useful

So, among the lists of things that I run across from time to time are lists of Altoids tin modifications.  They’re small, stackable, readily available, inexpensive, and full of tasty candy–what more could you want? 580 more words


Well, you were warned...

As mentioned, the illustrious ex-Governor of Alaska gets a bit of attention this week.  Well, at least indirectly…

The Iowa Freedom Summit (now there’s a name) was held in late January, and it featured a number of conservative Big Names giving speeches.  480 more words

Critical Thought

Why Do We Do This Again?

So, I had an idea all teed up for this week’s post, involving my bafflement at the right-wing media’s “sudden” realization that Palin is a crackpot, when Real Life ™ intervened, and reminded me why I do this prepping thing. 423 more words


Unity of the State?

So, another State of the Union Address has come and gone in this, our great Empire. I’m certainly not going to go over it point-by-point; I agree with most of the positions the President laid out, and I understand the ones I don’t agree with. 576 more words

Skills And Practice

We're back!

I hope everyone’s holidays were happy! Mine went reasonably well, despite having to unexpectedly replace a car, and working around a number of other schedules which seemed to change at random. 506 more words

Skills And Practice