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Constructing a Skier

Despite starting to ski only five or so years ago, I find myself passionate (if not obsessive) about the sport today. As I’ve grown more comfortable on skis I have eschewed the normal path of visiting resorts and riding lifts, preferring instead to spend more time “earning my turns” by hiking or skinning uphill either at the resort or in the backcountry. 848 more words


Seven Deadly Sins of Injury Recovery

As I get closer to being fully healed from a broken collarbone sustained in early March, I am feeling better and allowed to resume more and more activity. 773 more words


To The Far North: An Introduction to the Bear Ski

Update: This post was meant to send last week, but the signal on my phone cut out. I actually ended up having no phone signal for the whole trip which meant my solo ski had to be altered slightly, but will explain all in an up coming post. 465 more words


If Mt. Baker can't do it, no one can!

Every year we try to do a ski trip, setting aside a week to commit to reveling in our various winter sports. For the last couple years that meant clinging to the end of winter as spring starts melting away our mountain playgrounds and the snowpack that never quite settled in during drier then average winters. 509 more words


I am Ben who runs on trees

I will miss the forests. This I know.

I have so many memories of woodland romps, so many different areas, many different times, so many that they all combumble into one long, continuous stream of excellent memories. 2,047 more words


Life Above the Clouds

I’m nearly at the end of my first season and it has been incredible! 198 more words

Gap Course