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Quick Sketch and more Requests~!

As requested by someone I did a quick sketch of a Narwhal girl :3 Wouldnt the world be even more amazing if we had Narwhal Hoodies? 34 more words

Must Be A Weasley...

Hi everyone!
Happy Monday! After a super hectic weekend and a super stressful day at work, I was finally able to sit down and do some drawing. 233 more words


Failed JigglyPuff

I failed at creating Pokemon and flowers XD actually I think I could draw a pretty nice flower if I wasn’t on the iPad, so I’ll try that again when I have time because the flower THATS been suggested to me looks pretty damn detailed and I love detailed things I just hate the time it wastes when I can draw something equally as amazing :P (hope that makes sense) but if I have time (a drawing like that will take me like 3 hours) and I did try to draw it…….and I also miserably failed, but I ended up deleting the drawing without thinking so I can’t share my beautiful failure of flowers with you guys XD but I did take a picture of my failed jiggly puff~~! 24 more words

Spacey weather

I got started on this before I watched Interstellar and finished 2 days afterward. The movie had no effect on my art. It did remind me how much I love science fiction, especially relativity twists.


And Flowers Spring

I bask in her radiance,
Believe I’m a green thumb,
String intangible seeds,
Water with tubes of ink
And flowers spring.

I smell the crust of wounds, 36 more words