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Lyla the Smiling Dog, Sketch 114

I do not know why I decided to make the teeth so dark in the sketch. Oh, well.

Sketch 114: Lyla the Smiling Dog; Dog #7



I have playing around with shape and colour lately, reverting back to a my earlier approach when we first settled in France. I think I have said before that I feel I am getting stale with my realistic paintings, and have decided to continue exploring more abstract motifs, whilst retaining a recognisable image. 188 more words

Daily Life.

Coffee Truck Blues

May 23, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

We’ve all been there … in line somewhere (grocery store, movies, etc.) and someone in front of us seems to take longer to do their business than usual.  375 more words



“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.” ~ Unknown

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automatic writing #17

vulnerability through exposure
no hiding place in a world where nothing is secret –

– exposed like a street corner exhibitionist

– exposed like an old photograph… 63 more words


automatic writing #12

two, three days caught in the fog &the backwash of lingering ideas &

bruised thoughts

neglection of personal hygiene saw the dogs come round, sniffing for buried treasure… 135 more words