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On meeting Orca O319

One of the places I was determined to visit during our (utterly fantastic) trip west this month was the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. 259 more words


Sketches: The Man himself (Rook)

….I suddenly can’t remember if I’ve shared this photo or not. I can always go back and double check, but I wanted to get some sketches staged up since I’ve fallen so behind lately. 17 more words


A veces...

Sometimes you should hide a little bit the heart.


Day 225

I want to color all of the caricatures, and by the time I get to do them, I’m already sleepy and tired and sloppy, so no color until I get a hold of my schedule. 11 more words


Day 224

In the mood for exaggerating everything tonight, sorry my friend, you are a victim of the artistic renditions of my moodiness.

(notice the hand?)


Day 223

It’s been a busy week, hard to keep up with all my projects but i’m trying :)

SO plain ol’ caricature tonight as well, no color for now. 13 more words