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It's A Map!

This is a quick example of a treasure map I created for a project I’m working on with second graders.  It is a rough drawing; I would like to make a more complex and complete drawing at some point.  64 more words

David Jernigan

April 12

Stag studies. They’re funny animals, in some ways they look totally graceful and epic, and in other ways they’re totally derpy and awkward.

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Illustration of Some Extra-solar Plants and Animals

Here is an illustration of two of my comic book characters on a distant planet.  Astronomers think it is very likely that every single star in our Milky Way galaxy has at least one planet orbiting around it.  28 more words

David Jernigan

April 5

Woowww I’ve been away a while. Thought I’d try and draw a thestral, but went solely on memory and when I went back and read a description it’s like soo different.   10 more words

Sketch Blog

The Ginormous Astro-cosmonaut

This is an illustration I created of an astronaut in space.  His space suit ended up looking more like a cosmonauts.  Not sure exactly why he is so enormous, just thought it would be fun to draw him that way. 30 more words

David Jernigan

Wizard School really finished now...I think....

Couldn’t stop messing around with this one. Added some more rendering and texture.