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New home for my sketch blog!

From now on I’ll be posting sketch blog updates here on my website. To see older sketch blog posts, click this link.

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The Ginormous Astro-cosmonaut

This is an illustration I created of an astronaut in space.  His space suit ended up looking more like a cosmonauts.  Not sure exactly why he is so enormous, just thought it would be fun to draw him that way. 30 more words

David Jernigan

Wizard School really finished now...I think....

Couldn’t stop messing around with this one. Added some more rendering and texture.

March 8

I love Brienne of Tarth in the GOT series, but I was struck again when I was reading the books that she’s only like, 22! Brienne and Samwell are probably the two characters I relate the most to in ASOIAF, as much as I wish I was as hardcore as Arya or smart as Jon.

Sketch Blog

Standard Fare of Robots and Monsters

Here are some sketches I created over the week.  They are my standard fare of robots and monsters.  The private eye and monster drawings look like something out of the fear-drenched universe of H. 15 more words

David Jernigan

February 25

Asha Greyjoy is one of the coolest characters in ASOIAF. I’m slightly mad they changed her name in the tv show, like someone would confuse a wildling with a Greyjoy.

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