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Atheist honesty

John Gray has provided a refreshing critique of contemporary atheism in a recent essay for The Guardian entitled What scares the new atheists. His lucid analysis has struck me mostly in two ways. 398 more words

Tough Questions

Skepticism: Faith and Authority

Most are not 100% skeptical all of time. For example, I consider myself a skeptic, but I don’t spend my time questioning whether the grass is really green or whether water is composed of H2O. 484 more words


Bubbling beneath the Surface : Sharp Dissent over Sound Nutrition Policy

‘(…) nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, politics and bias.’ – Nina Teicholz… 2,306 more words


Norms and the Temptations of Relativism: A Reply to Sankey, Chris Lepock

Author Information: Chris Lepock, Athabasca University, clepock@gmail.com

Lepock, Chris. “Norms and the Temptations of Relativism: A Reply to Sankey.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective… 3,153 more words

Critical Replies

Open mindedness

The point of having an open mind, like having an open mouth,
is to close it on something solid.

–G. K. Chesterton