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Daily thoughts 29 May 2015

To all my friends who feel scepticism is a negative and contrary pursuit and get feed up with my challenges to commonly held ideas and beliefs. 39 more words


Plato - Teaching Us Values Long Before Jesus

Plato (428/427 or 424/423 – 348/347 BCE) is a good example that we do not need to be divinely inspired in order to be wise or have real and meaningful values.


A Disclaimer for Discourse

It so often seems, that a difference of opinion provokes one to hostility. Quite frequently, when one’s ideology or beliefs are challenged, such scrutiny is seen as a personal slight. 1,547 more words


Two Rhymes in May

Pissing in a well
Darkness shot with light, winking and wandering –
It must make sense, or else why wonder?
Wonder is fixing the next meal, surviving… 84 more words


Beliefs are like pillars

If anyone were to ask me why I am a Christian, I might answer something like, because I believe the Christian worldview to be the best explanation for all that we know about and observe in reality. 355 more words


Thales in the well/Boredom (Anniversary Edition)

Thales in the well/Boredom

While the water bore his body up
his mind bored up the drill-hole, past
the ground,
                          to the small circle of sky. 129 more words


Virtual Skeptics #132 - 5/27/2015

This week on the Virtual Skeptics….

  • Bob crosses the event horizon of bullshit;
  • Eve’s learns about Shakespeare from a botanist;
  • Barb never provides an intro line;
  • And Tim is Googling dinosaurs…