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Atheism 101: Religion and Atheism

As with the different types of non-theism, many theists have a lot of misconceptions where religion is concerned. Namely the relationship that atheists have with religion, and with the different types of religion. 2,264 more words

In Defense of Paranormal Debunking – Part IV: Psychic Powers

So far, we have seen how paranormalist Winston Wu misunderstands core skeptic principles such as extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, parsimony, burden of evidence, the perils and pitfalls of anecdotal evidence, and the fallibility of human memory. 2,311 more words


Jimmy Kimmel gets the remarkably-uncoveted “Media Gets It Right” award for his take on vaccination.



Priscilla Brauns from South Africa testified of the remarkable miracle she experienced at her workplace, despite the scepticism of her colleagues!

“I work in an open office where we share a lot and work well as a team in the Human Resource Development section of the district office. 307 more words

Emmanuel TV

'Wellness Warrior' Jessica Ainscough dies from cancer

Comparing the eternally positive reflections of Jessica Ainscough with the reality of her recent passing from epithelioid sarcoma just two days ago, one cannot help feel somewhat disturbed. 1,109 more words


Jesus Loves Skeptics.

Jesus loves people with questions.

As far as we’re concerned, the term skeptic, or skepticism, will be used to describe someone who is prone to doubt before belief. 1,690 more words