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Keith DeRose: Responding to Skepticism

Responding to Skepticism

  • 1. The Argument by Skeptical Hypothesis
  • 2. “Aw, Come On!”
  • 3. Moore’s Response
  • 4. The Response from Semantic Externalism
  • 5. Responses from Epistemic Externalism…
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Well, isn't that convenient

Looking through my news feed this morning I see this, “The myth of Europe’s Little Ice Age“. In the article two economists explain how if you readjust the data  (in their words, “using a variety of standard temperature reconstructions”) in just the right way they can get rid of that troublesome little climate fact called the “ 274 more words


"The True History" by Lucian

The Island of the Blest

As we drew near it, a marvellous air was wafted to us, exquisitely fragrant. Its sweetness seemed compounded of rose, narcissus, hyacinth, lilies and violets, myrtle and bay and flowering vine. 895 more words


the myth of holistic medicine

It does get my goat rather that so-called naturopaths, in spite of having varied and often contradictory therapies, love to call themselves practitioners of holistic medicine. 1,075 more words