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Out From The Flames!

One has to wonder at a depiction of justice that punishes human beings eternally for finite actions? One has to ponder how love and compassion could ever be attributed to one who acts as the sole arbiter of an eternal furnace? 28 more words


QED 2015 Roundup

I attended my 4th QED Conference this year, making me a regular at this stage, I guess. The previous conferences have all been great, and this one met the the high standard we have become accustomed to. 992 more words

Tours And Trips

Belle Gibson shows that most of us care about right and wrong

Nicholas Hookway, University of Tasmania

With her lies about having cancer and her willingness to cash in on the hopes of actual cancer patients, Belle Gibson – the Australian woman behind… 760 more words


Rethinking the role of pleasures in life

Many people don’t even consider the role of pleasure in creating a ‘good’ and ‘flourishing’ life.

In fact the word flourishing probably doesn’t factor in to any one person’s philosophy of life. 1,072 more words


Baptists Meet with Skeptics

Have you ever been in a room full of tension? Perhaps your temperature is rising or your face is flushed from someone’s comment. Some hope the tension will die down quick and we just live in peace. 939 more words


Choose Your Beliefs

To people whose perspective is that the world exists out there, with the individual being a hapless victim, reacting to the circumstances much the same way ships at sea reacts to storms – and not surprisingly experiences the same state of mind – fear, panic, and helplessness in the faces of innumerable outside forces which one do not control, the title makes no sense. 697 more words


Unbridled Gullibility

Probably one of the prime reasons for writing The Emperor is Buck Naked has to do with, for several years, being exposed to medical misinformation, hyperbole and just plain BS in locker rooms, on the radio, television and in print. 507 more words

Dr. Oz