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Skeleton Warrior Drawing

Haven’t posted in a while so here’s something I’ve been working on in my sketchbook. :D


This Man Was Too Old to Have His Picture Taken With Sarah Palin

What’s really funny about this skeleton is that there are no bones in a real human associated with reproduction. You probably knew that. What you may not know is that other mammals do have such a bone. 27 more words

Grinding Gamma Skeleton Dentition with Rotary Tool

Me using a rotary tool to grind away at a tooth from the Gamma Skeleton. In the video, I work to remove the occlusal (flat top) of the tooth and thusly expose the inner root. 54 more words


Make My System Glow

“It is not enough to know that love and forgiveness are possible. We have to find ways to bring them to life.”

Can You Always Learn How To Draw By Copying Things?

Although I’ve already written about how to copy things by sight alone (eg: without tracing anything) before, I thought that I’d look at whether this is… 765 more words


'Fish Bones' ice fishing fish decoy by John Gabriel

‘Fish Bones’ fish decoy measures 11 ½ inches long and is hand carved from aged white pine. This is my second effort at a decoy with the fish bone pattern. John Gabriel

John Gabriel