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Places I want to Visit:

Antelope Canyon, WY

The Wave, AZ Bryce Canyon, UT Hamilton Pool, TX Devil’s Tower, WY Oneonta Gorge, OR Palouse Falls, WA Horseshoe Bend, AZ

These are just a few of the places I want to see on this trip. I will add more later!


A Day In Pisa 

Pisa – famous for the Leaning Tower, an architectural mishap! The small university town of Pisa is located by the River Arno on the west coast if Italy. 404 more words


Jew Town

Old Kochi spreads out and down from a peninsula that juts like a northbound uppercut toward the mouth of a harbor where hulking ships sail slowly out into the Indian Ocean or into the heart of the modern city, a major port on the south Indian coast. 2,002 more words

Aviation and Science Museum Misawa

As the months have been ticking by I have not yet been able to get to all of the landmarks and sites that I had planned on seeing, but as my last few months of being here winds down, I’m trying to make efforts to fit a few more in. 173 more words

Constitution Hill

I took an afternoon to head up to Constitution Hill because I didn’t know what it was all about, in all honesty.

Constitution Hill is a heritage site in Johannesburg that used to be the main prison and court that housed many famous South Africans who committed crimes during the famous Apartheid Regime. 612 more words


I’ve never left Australia, Thursday next week I’ll be going on my first international trip to Bali and I couldn’t be more excited! from the beaches to temples and site seeing to relaxing by the pool with a cocktail. 58 more words


Yes, this is a neologism. I made it up just the other day. It’s a word that’s needed, because what it names has existed for some time. 955 more words

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