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Sita walked into the fire
knowing full well nothing waited in its depths
that was worse than what lay in hers:
the self-destructive love… 129 more words


The perversion of subversion.

When as a child my mother read the Ramayana to me and told me Rama was a bundle of all the niceties you could hope for in a man, and Sita had the most swell husband in the world, I widened my eyes blinked twice and took her word for it! 469 more words

Ramanavami - Hindu - Rain on the lake

I have struggled to write this post, as I don’t have anything profound to say about Ramanavami.  I probably should have read the Ramayana in advance and probably should have prepared in some way.  569 more words


The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Rāmacandra

In honor of the Appearance day of Lord Ramacandra, we are posting the entire tenth chapter from the ninth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam entitled “The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Rāmacandra”. 14,620 more words

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


India, the land where Lord Rama incarnated to live a human life and suffer uttermost,

sacrificing his life as a son, a husband and even as a father. 148 more words


No, it’s not Islamic Conquest, Nor Pseudo Secularism, It’s Misogyny in a Patriarchal Society for the Rape Epidemic

This article/blog https://vijaygkg.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/delhigangrape/ is one of the most bizarre explanations I have come across about the so-called rape epidemic in India.

According to the author, India in the pre-Islamic era was liberal because..hold your breath..”What might have passed for miniskirts today, were worn (by women) without comment or attracting unwelcome attention.” And he gives the example of this Ajanta painting to prove his point: … 1,250 more words