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Am I Blue : Sita Sings the Blues

thrown out by her man and dumped in some god-forsaken part of the land when she tells him she’s pregnant, it’s no wonder Sita feels miserable… 48 more words


Moaning' Low : Sita Sings the Blues

Sita passing the fire test, and the intervention of the gods, did not reassure Rama, for long, of Sita’s fidelity and soon his doubts and jealousy re-surfaced and he was treating her like shit again… 43 more words


If You Want the Rainbow : Sita Sings the Blues

having survived Rama’s attempt to burn her alive, Sita is philosophical about the state of their relationship and Rama’s loving one minute, cruel the next, behaviour towards her 11 more words



Sita, 45 years old. My first completely independent cataract surgery case. Kapal Mochan Eye Camp, Yamunanagar. Hard to believe that over a decade has passed……..


Mean to Me : Sita Sings the Blues

right, where are we?

ah, yes – Rama has killed the bad guy and rescued Sita

so how come it isn’t all roses in the garden? 107 more words


Who's that Knocking at my Door : Sita Sings the Blues

the story so far . . .

Rama abandons Sita to go off on a jolly boys outing with his mates.

While he is gone, Ravanna seizes the chance to kidnap Sita… 78 more words


Daddy Won't You Please Come Home : Sita Sings the Blues

banished from his father’s court, Rama and Sita are, nevertheless, happy together – but a demon king, Ravanna, has the hots for Sita and lures Rama away on a hunting trip while he kidnaps Sita… 87 more words