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Unintentional Snake Zen

Since I work with kids, I come across my share of kids’ books. Most of them are innocuous or frustratingly narrow (think girls in pink dresses, etc.), but once in a while one comes across my desk that really makes me pause. 453 more words

Lore Ipsum: Trials and Tribulations

It dawns on me that, now that i discovered scheduled posts, i might as well post at a decent time. Until further notice i’ll be posting on Mondays, 1pm GMT. 538 more words

Magic The Gathering

Upward Battle...

With my job, there are lots of times that I feel like Sisyphus.

I feel the most like this Greek mythological figure during budget season. I am one of two full-time professional staff members in my office. 1,024 more words


Allegory of Misery

This was inspired on Camus’ take on the myth of Sisyphus, but instead of an existential meaning I intended an anthropologic and political one. The character in the role of Sisyphus is a representation of human misery, the chariot a metaphor for civilization and technology, the slope a metaphor for the idea of historical progress and the pontiff on his throne is a representation of death (obviously) and political authority. 6 more words


Calvino's Memo

According to Calvino, there are two branches, or paths, that Exactitude can take. I decided to explore the side that explains the “effort made by words to present the tangible aspect of things as precisely as possible” (74). 137 more words


Photo Challenge #49 – Blood Money

Pawel Kuczynski

The morning alights

Without a spiritual consensus

Poverty may question my means

But success rarely compromises.

I do what I must

To live as I please. 106 more words


The Problem with Plurals

the problem is I got more ideas than minutes
more ambitions to begin than I have reasons to finish
more horizons to explore than I have means to their limits…

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