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An Ode to Counselors

I have a friend who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she has a successful counseling practice. I can’t imagine a more satisfying job. You’re helping people cope who are carrying heavy emotional burdens. 209 more words


The Rebel

A rebel, they say
Is a man of strong sole
Marching hopes up the hill
So they can stop, drop, and roll.

A rebel, it’s said… 252 more words

Let's give this a go

Hello. I’m Meg. I’m not a writer, but I’ve toyed with the idea of writing before. I have a good friend at work who has been working on a novel in her spare time for years, so she says. 263 more words

Anne Lamott

The Matrix, Sysiphus, and Our Lives

I really enjoy the movie “The Matrix” because Neo has this inexplicable intuition about his reality: something he can’t quite articulate. It’s not quite right. He feels alienated in a world that should be good. 744 more words


Sisyphus, at Bar Close

At 2am, the usual crowd pours
into the streets, the collective
sigh – home! – carrying us
toward darker, quieter haunts.

I want to know… 26 more words


Mark Nisbo

Mark Nisbo
Contact: Imagination


-I know how to work, been doing it all my life
-Have always lived from paycheck to paycheck
-Will work for grilled cheese… 233 more words



In the second half of my teenage years, I grappled with the problem of life essentially being meaningless for me. The tumultuous nature of those years is still preserved in my memory. 171 more words