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Review: Double Stripe pencil skirt

What: Double-Stripe pencil skirt by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% cotton outer, 100% poly lining

Quality: Very good! I love the soft pink stripes the most…so feminine (and am not even a pink lady) 21 more words


Review: Pleated Plaid Dress

What: Pleated Plaid dress by Anthropologie

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% cotton outer with polyester faux-necklace, 100% poly lining

Quality: Very good! 72 more words


Review: Scattered floral sequined top

What: Scattered Floral Sequin Top by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% cotton outer.

Quality: Very good! The embroidery is just too cute, specially on the green/rustic mint top. 37 more words


Review: Gilded Bryonia

WhatGilded Bryonia Sheath by Anthropologie

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% cotton outer with glitter accents. Made in India.

Quality: Excellent…minus the annoying zipper that tends to pull on the back of the dress! 67 more words


Review: Colection Secretary Silk Blouse in pinstripe

What: Collection secretary blouse in pinstripe by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% silk.

Quality: Excellent! Substantial silk, you do not really need to add a cami underneath. 64 more words


Review: Laser-cut circle midi

What: Laser-cut Circle Midi skirt by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2015

Material: Cotton and Poly outer, 100% cotton double-lining

Quality: Good! The cuts are well designed, and the double-lining prevents the fabric from being too sheer. 45 more words