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16: Bring On The Crazy

Sometimes, it’s me.

I’m sure many more guys than I suspect believed it was me and that is why there were no second or third dates, and I will confess at least one of them was right.   640 more words


Kentucky has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, and I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The colors that the sun manages to spray across the evening sky, and how it shadows everything into silhouettes, lead me to enjoy my drive home from work everyday. 148 more words

Kindergarten School - Leave or Stay?

I am so frustrated with my son’s school it is ridiculous. You call me for a parent teacher conference the week before you have parent teacher conferences alluding to me that something maybe very wrong. 567 more words


Don't Stop Believing...

We want them to believe in the magic as long as possible. It’s a part of their childhood innocence. It’s a magical time for our children when they still believe in the fantasy characters like Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and such. 1,845 more words


i’m watching another John Cusack film. he has a lot but surprisingly i haven’t seen them all yet. some i have watched over and over. John is like the boyfriend. 52 more words


Vacation... who really takes a vacation with kids....

Where to begin ! The kids and I just got back from vacation at my parents. Since they were with their father for Spring Break I thought this was a great chance to break some of the winter blues and have a bit of fun. 522 more words

introduction to Chelsea one of the ducklings

Chelsea is the second oldest in my home and the first oldest girl. If you know anything about birth orders you know this would make her a leader and independent. 372 more words