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The Sunny Side of Money

Since I’m the only one in my household who brings home the bread, I am also the only one in my household who has a say about how to consume said bread. 225 more words


Lisbon: Native

This four-piece indie band from Newcastle is brilliant! We will be seeing them play at KOKO in London where Little Comets are touring their third album  84 more words

Thoughts // On being 'alone'

I’m what you’d call a serial monogamist.

I love being in a relationship.

I’ve been involved in some degree of a relationship since I was around 14 years old. 1,128 more words


Goodbye To All That

“Biopsies have both come back cancerous. Going to need a lot of investigations and possible surgery. Don’t have the emotional resources to put into anything else. 361 more words

Single status: It's Uncomplicated

So there was this random guy that I met only once yet considering this he showed an increasingly annoying, unrelenting yet inconsistent interest in moi. So in an attempt by text to let him know I was too busy to connect with him any time soon, I told him, “I’m happy, I have a great life and I am good.”  He responded, “You’re not happy because you’re single.” What? 779 more words