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New Politics: 'West End Kids' Single Review


Set a countdown at the next red light. As the world begins to freeze a little, simply press play. The “West End Kids” deliver a track that emits the inner-self to just ‘get up and go’.   366 more words

The Cube

Introduction: A room with peculiar gravity that allows the PCs to walk on the walls and ceiling… a challenge for groups that don’t mind complicated combats. 376 more words


When you ask me if I'm dating...

It’s the question that  every single dreads.

“So are you dating anyone?”

There are things I’d like to say when people ask me if I’m dating anyone… 233 more words

Guys are so predictable...

It’s crazy.

There’s one guy, we used to date, and now we’re just Instagram friends. EVERY SINGLE TIME I like one of his pictures, he texts me, “How u been?” Which is the WORST text in my book bc how the fuck do you answer that… “Been shinin’ like a million diamonds without ur lame ass.. 132 more words


Garlic Croutons

Living alone I always feel like I can never finish a loaf/bag of bread! I bought these buns a while ago and only ate 1.5 of them and then they’ve just been sitting in my fridge. 156 more words

Fuck it

I don’t have a bucket list, I have a fuckit list. Yes, yes, that’s not very lady-like, but then again, I never said that I was a lady… 228 more words