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Not Ready to Forgive

A couple months ago the ex sent me a long message on Facebook. In the message he apologized for how he had treated me and all the cruel and hurtful things that he had said to me and he claimed to be trying to be a better person. 384 more words

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9 criteria to select a primary school

Choosing an elementary or primary school, the institution where my daughter will be spending most of her time at a very vulnurable and impressionable age, was not as easy as it seems. 870 more words

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Being alone

Well on a Sunday I always take the little ones to a soft-play, oh boy do I have a love hate relationship with soft-play, anyone goes near my babies or pushes them I am there ready to start world war three, for this reason I go as soon as they open, because they are so little and I need three sets of eyes.   364 more words

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Hospital Visit #2

Yesterday I went to my appointment at the hospital to have an NST and consultation with an obstetrician. The NST went well; Munchkin had good heart rate accelerations so no worries there. 408 more words

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The Questions Single Parents Should Ask When Dating

For single parents, dating can be a complicated venture.  Some questions can help you decide if the person you are dating is right for you, and for your family. 344 more words