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Child Support Debate

I know Child Support can be a very sensitive issue. Recently, I have caught myself in a heated debate on the subject.

I, personally, believe in the concept. 524 more words


Single Parents

We all face challenges in one way or another, and in accordance to being closer to home, I’d like to cover the topic of Single Parents. 362 more words

Life In Singapore

Single Parents....(Society has not beaten them)

Just  the  other  day,  I  read  a  post  on  my  facebook  page  from  my  cousin  and  mentor,  and  here  is  what  she  posted:

“This Friday I had one son declare his major as Psych Pre Med and decide that he is going to medical school to become a pediatric psychiatrist, and another son decide to accept his offer to attend Capital University this fall . 122 more words


7 easy and healthy one-pot recipes

(to make on the weekend and freeze for the workweek!)

These comforting stews are quick to prepare, packed with nutrients and freeze beautifully for up to 2 months. 968 more words

Spaced-out Scientist

The M Word

Being a mom today is accepted by most unless we are referring to having a career. I went to an interview recently (within the last year) where I was bombarded with questions such as, “Are you going to make enough to pay for daycare?” Or my personal favorite, “I’m not sure this is a good fit for you. 371 more words

Bad Word

The changing American family

via Was Moynihan Right? What happens to the children of unmarried mothers : Education Next

Labour Economics

Does Single Parenthood Make You Want To Stay At One Child Or Have More?

This is a serious question everybody.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m in the minority. After having Andrew, I’m pretty convinced I want to stick with one. 130 more words