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Sunset Yesterday Photography

Yesterday my 12 year old daughter and I were out shopping for bunny food at Walmart. This bunny is so spoiled that he will only eat this particular kind of bunny food. 200 more words


Single mom in 2015

Are there any other single moms out there?  I swear most days I feel like I’m the only one in existence.   All of my friends are either married with children or single and childless. 253 more words

Single Mom

Sobbibg Over Ice Cream, Exercising Ghosts, and Getting the Finger

I went grocery shopping today!


And not at Walmart but an actual grocery store!!

Double yes!!

I’ve avoided the grocery store like the plague because strangely enough, or not so strangely enough, I always ended up in the ice cream aisle sobbing. 627 more words

A Room With Many Views

Day One of my Crazy Busy Weekend!

Daughter #2 has her prom tonight, and I know she is going to have a great time!

Daughter #1 is graduating from college tomorrow; Grand Valley State University, anyone? 142 more words

Doormats are for wiping your feet.

Not for being a personality trait.

This is basically a huge problem for me. Ok. I wouldn’t call myself a doormat to my face. The truth is I probably am one. 675 more words


Life Of a Single Mom

Below is the conversation I had with my 3 1/2 year old son yesterday.


Mom: Son you are stamping my leg unwarranted. If you do this continuously, I may have to leave you. 354 more words


The Trials and Tribulations Never Fail to Jump Out of the Wood Work!

It has been some time since I posted to my blog and I am extremely sorry for that; however, the trials I have been facing since giving birth to my daughter through a “planned emergency c-section” have been innumerable. 817 more words

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