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Who Wears Short Shorts?

I bought a new, and much needed pair of shorts yesterday. I always have a problem with finding shorts that I like, and these are the shortest pair of shorts that I have worn since junior high- 4″ inseam. 171 more words

And We'll All Float On OK

If we are the sum of all of our experiences, that is how we are meandering, like  a river,  through this life, sometimes we take some detours before finding our destination. 865 more words


Going naked for a cause: An introvert shares her life online..

Why I started this blog:

Once I realized I would become a mommy I decided to google search topics on parenting/single parenting, and what I found just left me depressed. 83 more words

On knowing when to stop (and how hard it can be)

I’ve always identified as a runner. Although I played team sports throughout my childhood and teen years, I preferred solitary sports like running, gymnastics and snowboarding because I could compete against myself. 377 more words

Single Mom

What Diana, Princess of Wales, Taught Me about Being a Princess

Today would have been the 54th birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana’s life poignantly proved that divorce is no respecter of persons. Being famous and popular, married to the future king of England, and surrounded by servants and wealth, did not protect her. 406 more words

Single Mom

26 weeks - Baby shower planning, pregnancy pains, and new car.

Wow, I’m 26 weeks pregnant, with 14 weeks to go. It’s real now. Baby Logan is very active so I feel him moving around just about all day long. 498 more words

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