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Single in the City

“Any girl who’s been single in London knows how to handle herself”-Bridget Jones

Being single in your 20’s is the perfect way to find yourself. I turn 24 in just over a months time and I am happy to say I have no boyfriend, kids and future prospects are anywhere on the horizon.

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City Life

Do you have FOMO?

Have you heard of the term FOMO? Plainly it is the “fear of missing out.”  Its the reason why we are obsessed with refreshing our facebook feeds, why we keep clicking the little wheel on instagram so that photos load. 430 more words

Single In The City

Hopeful Heartbreak

The thing about heartbreak is that it sucks. What did you think? That I had some great deep revelation about it? Nah.

I have never met a single person that said, “Oh man, that one time my heart  got broken? 349 more words

Single In The City

Christmas Eve 2014

If anyone told me that at 29 I would be spending Christmas eve alone… single… family less… present less… Christmas tree less, and SO alone.. I would not have believed them. 657 more words


Mama Still Got It

Decided to hit the bars after the company holiday party in my blue suede shoes, a pair of my winters favorites. The first bar was dead, the second bar we ended up ditching some guys by leaving when they walked away. 280 more words

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Moving into the mentality of being a single

So, this week has been a bit of a funny one really, on the one hand I’ve tried to embrace the advantages of being single. If I want to sit in bed gorging myself on an entire box of mint chocolate matchmakers whilst drinking hot orange squash and watching episodes (okay seasons!) of Grey’s Anatomy back to back, I can. 487 more words

Moving On

What's up Miranda.

I used to watch Sex and the City as a high schooler and college student. In fact, there was one summer my younger (and of course wiser) brother and I had season-long marathons of the show to make sure we did not miss a single episode. 608 more words