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"I Had a Weird Day..."

“I Had a Weird Day”

The title here isn’t to imply I had a weird day, far from it as a matter of fact.

No…the title refers to a seeming constant of late as I approach my home and open the door after getting off work. 722 more words

An Uncanny Resemblance

An Uncanny Resemblance

“Did you know it’s Dr. Seuss’ Birthday,” my son asked as I walked in the door this evening?

“Yes.  I did, as a matter of fact.” 503 more words


2015 has been great so far!! My plate has been full and I have had to do some prioritizing to reach my goals for this year. 699 more words

Online Parenting

Online Parenting

Do you ever just jump onto the internet, just for fun, and type in a search for “parenting” or “parent?”

I did it this last week.   65 more words


Well, hello!! It’s been way too long…. It’s great getting back to blogging. I have missed it.

Today, I was reminded “why” I started to blog in the first place. 383 more words

March 1: Seven Days Gone

I sit here, in front of the laptop, in silence, in our… my bed. Alone.

I still can’t help but wonder, did I do this? Was there something that I have caused that ultimately ended with this soul crushing, heart splitting event? 616 more words

Broken Up