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Two Inches

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Two Inches

Nothing gets my hackles up like unnecessary cleaning.

By that I mean . . . my cleaning and watching the other people in my household sitting on their duffs eating snacks that get crumbs on the newly vacuumed floor and then asking me if they can turn up the TV because…you know…that vacuum is loud, Dad! 605 more words

Daily Diatribe

26th May 2015

Last night was another night of midnight hospital visits for Mr 4. Needless to say, I am exhausted, and the plans for today were thrown out the window. 461 more words

Am I doing this motherhood thing right?

There’s no better way to spend a day off than to find out the myriad of ways that you’re inadequate. And I find the best way to do this is by taking an online quiz. 714 more words


22nd May 2015

Well, I have done my fortnightly grocery shopping a day early. Tomorrow I plan to put in a big day of grass mowing at my folks place, so instead of doing my shopping for half the day tomorrow, I thought I would squeeze it in tonight once my money was in the bank. 284 more words

Bad Day – Good Life

Become a Super Single Parent

So you’re having a bad day – it will be over soon.

Everybody has bad days – even single parents. 86 more words

Single Parents

Before It's Forgotten (Redo)

(The first version of this had format errors that made some parts read inaccurately)

It was called Before It’s Forgotten.  A journal I tried to keep to explain things someday to my kids if they ever wanted to know what happened.   2,225 more words

AUTHORITY – Running Your Home – Who’s In Charge?

As a Single Parent:

You and you alone are in charge of running your home.  Not your children, not your ex spouse, not anyone else.  Only You!  95 more words

Single Parents