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Public speaking – is there an app for that?

Technology is taking the place of a trainer or coach in all sorts of spheres. Runners have an app to tell them how far and how fast they’re going, to spur them on to ever greater achievements. 349 more words

In affairs public or private sincerity only goes so far.

I would even say that skill alone can take you all the way.

Dear Friend

I dedicate this write-up for those who abandoned by their friends and for those who continue to love and consider them as friends even though they’re already rejected and neglected by them. 625 more words

Self acceptance, love and sincerity

Sometimes we get stuck and we don’t know which way to go. Changes arise in our lives, outcomes of which we cannot control and rather than immersing ourselves in such a process, considering it as another opportunity to grow – we just grin and bare it, making the change more difficult to accept. 383 more words

Positive Thinking

Nothing is more disgraceful than insincerity.



And nothing fills the belly of the son of Adam except dust ..

These are the words of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ):

لو كان لابن آدم واديان من مال لابتغى واديا ثالثا ولا يملأ جوف ابن آدم إلا التراب ويتوب الله على من تاب 303 more words


our Salvation

April’s A – Z Challenge

Shine through Self empowerment