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It’s strange enough having a platform to express your thoughts, and it’s even stranger connecting with awesome people that make me think, feel motivated, and of course confuse me. 42 more words

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The Three Keys to a Clear Conscience

George Washington once said, “Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.” Our consciences are a precious and delicate gift from God. 618 more words


Send In The Clowns

I get five channels now (six if you count the Mexican soap opera network), but the one I watch the most is MeTV.  It’s one of those nostalgia channels in the spirit of Nick-at-Nite, or at least what Nick-at-Nite used to be.*  Their lineup is brilliant, and I see no reason why I should be wasting my time watching reality shows when… 244 more words


Wise up

I don’t give people advice often.  I’m crap when it comes to making important decisions.  I like to leave people to make decisions for themselves since only they live there lives.   263 more words


Picture Quote of the week ☀️

This is exactly how I feel!!!

Blessings & Love to All!


Vanishing Point: Don Draper and the Desert of the "Real Thing"

Smile, smile, smile . . . Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth. – Jean Baudrillard, America

The Mad Men series finale opened with an unexpected sequence of images: a dry lakebed, a car zooming by, and Don in dusty goggles behind the wheel. 1,863 more words


Sincerely patient

There’s something particular about ikhlaas, which is sincerity in Islam.

When you are hurt by someone and you choose to have ikhlaas, you feel the urge to be patient even though it hurts; the kind of patience that includes forgiveness, not being angry, forgetting the act, not changing how kind you treat the person on the next day, giving the person another chance to have a better communication you. 197 more words