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Day 150 Surely I will be with you

There is a bridge over a river which I encountered in Haggerston. The river is called engine low. The picture shows a rather beautiful bridge over the river, but there are vines and plants that have overgrown this bridge. 850 more words


Why I Believe in the Church More Than Ever

I read Sara Carson’s article “Why I No longer Believe in Church,” (via¬†progressivechristianity.org) and at first I was totally with her. Carson describes an experience with an overzealous pastor planning worship, and¬†wonders how often the Church gets in its own way. 1,294 more words

God & Church Stuff

Comparison Is Spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Some of the best conversations we have are in the car. Like this one, which started 20 seconds after we left the house:

“Imma, how does Satan convince us to sin? 1,414 more words

The Meat of the Word of God--The Harvest of Souls

Spiritual babes and young children of God need the milk of God’s word in order to grow spiritually into young men and women of God. They are “dull of hearing” and have need to be taught again the “first principles of the oracles of God.” They are “unskilful in the word of righteousness,” and need to be taught the “principles of the doctrine of Christ” so that they may “go on to perfection.” Yes, perfection–complete spiritual maturity–just like Christ and His apostles (Hebrews 5: 12-6: 2). 1,810 more words

Death Of Self

The Small God of The Small Soul

The small soul desires a god he can understand, manipulate, control, and accept or reject as he pleases.

He doesn’t want a God who is infinite, sovereign, omniscient, and omnipotent. 28 more words


Thoughts On Homosexuality...

My thoughts on homosexuality and the LGBTQ community coincide with the following picture. Just read the frames. You’ll understand.

Just in case you had any doubts, I am a full supporter of the LGBTQ community. 63 more words


The Wandering Falcon : Selected Lines Part I

As I read The Wandering Falcon I realized that there werenot many things for underlining/highlighting which could be termed as proper quotes. Every story in the book flows so fluently and fluidly that there are no gaps in which the writer has described his opinions. 688 more words