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Today's Word is... BAELESS

So I’m single. Like single single.  No dates, no boos, no baes, no nah means, no ol girl, no new cast and characters, no prospects, no hey strangers.  862 more words


Today's Word is... SNOW

77 inches of snow.  Seventy seven.  Snow tall enough run a pick and roll in the NBA.  Snow always standing in the back of a group photo.  686 more words


Today's Word is... THUG

So what is a thug?  By definition, it’s a criminal.  What is a criminal, someone who commits a crime.  What isn’t a crime? Being a black person.  402 more words


Today's Word is... TWITTER

One of my first barbershops I went to was this half barbershop/half salon up the street.  It started off strictly two separate establishments as dudes with braids & sistas with fades grew more trendy the masses joined together and not long after a Battle of the Sexes was waged.  658 more words

Simply Stan

Today's Word is... JUDGE

We all judge. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but if I see a video vixen holding a gun with bricks of coke in the background titled Trap Lady: I Nu It Was Time; I feel like I know exactly what kinda book that is and its intended audience (#40) Impressions matter, appearances matter, words matter. 647 more words


Today's Word is... HAPPY

Hi. Been a while.

2014 was a year of struggle, stress, heartbreak, loss, powerlessness.  Sure I had good moments, met some amazing people, reconnected with others, made a little more money but looking back 2014 was the year I held in a lot.  515 more words