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Mindful Living Tools

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Taken from Zen Habits 

  1. Meditation. Meditation is where mindful living starts. And it’s not complicated: you can sit still for even just 1 minute a day to…
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Margaret Howell Dress

Everyone who makes their own clothes has their own secret fabric shop or source, and I am no different. The Margaret Howell sample sales are my favourite places to buy fabric, firstly, because there is excellent quality fabric, secondly, for what you’re getting, it’s dirt cheap! 190 more words


Blogger Network #14 - Summer Strawberries

Happy May! OK, so this post is a bit late to the table (I can only apologise for both the pun and the delay) – my… 425 more words


Choose Sanity

My high school buddies and I had great fun with the imagist poetry phase of William Carlos Williams. Wow, that makes us sound so intelligent. Instead, we were clueless teenage boys with no appreciation for anything resembling culture who simply made fun of the poem in our literature book about a wheelbarrow and chickens. 340 more words

Bob Goff

Get rid of clutter

I haven’t posted for a while now and as it is already spring time and I have spent mine jumping around places – I have decided it’s cleaning time. 183 more words


Little Things

Three thoughts on clarity…

‘The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity’ (Wittgenstein)

A very devout man is sitting in his house whilst flood waters rise outside. 252 more words


3 Reads on Decluttering and Simplifying

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Declutter at Popsugar – While I would disagree a little on the sentimental thing, there is no way to keep it all and there are ways to preserve the memory other than keeping the tangible object, especially if you don’t have the room or don’t have the room to properly store it. 65 more words