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Have you been yourself today?

And it is really that simple. If you don’t like something, either change your perception about it. Or change yourself. But change you must!

People love to lament about everything. 451 more words


Daily Simple Reminder…

1. Smile.

2. Talk a little less.

3. Listen a little more.

4. Sing.

5. Feel my breath.

6. Replace unhelpful thoughts with helpful thoughts. 46 more words


Your Greatest Voice...

These are certainly some very conflicting times we are living in. No matter what side of the equation you are on the conflict is enveloping you and it seems that there is no downtime or end to it all. 402 more words


When Silence Descends...

The intoxicated Self in its sweet deliciousness,

Sanctifies the mundane, reverberates the stillness …

It transforms my ordinary, my Me and my fears,

My will, my words, my gratitude to my tears… 15 more words


Living our bliss

The weekend is often a time when I set off to de-clutter, re-examine, catch-up and relax. This weekend I am preparing for another clear-up of “stuff”. 188 more words


Rules of adulting

1)  Don’t fucking cuss.

2) It’s you’re mission to see to it that every rule is followed to a T.

3) When making a joke, be sure to tread the line between satirical word-smithing and the offensive. 168 more words



Love gives. Because it knows only how to give. Because it is to complete in itself, that it doesn’t want anything it return. It only has this one deep rooted urge: to give love. 252 more words