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Wood Stacks

To me, there’s something comforting about seeing wood stacks.  Maybe it’s that I find some security, some reassurance of the blessing of heat, the comfort of warmth in our home.   388 more words

The shape of a letter impacts your actions

DESIGNated Drives is a segment about design’s impact on our behavior and lives.

What does Pope Emeritus Benedict have in common with millions of professional American business-people, the Town of Platteville EMS, schoolteachers nationwide, and a four year old girl? 526 more words


DESIGNated Drivers: Physical Cues

Welcome to a new miniseries about design in our everyday lives. It rules our lives in literally every aspect. Yet, despite us being at its mercy we don’ realize it. 1,007 more words


We are wealthy, and why it matters

I don’t often re blog other peoples writing but this one is really worth a read ( see link below). In a way I know that I am wealthy and that I have ‘more than enough’ to be happy right now, and yet the habit energy to want more, to envy others, the rich, and to spend needlessly is still strong. 64 more words


"Ya neva know"

“Ya neva know” where or when you are going to hear something from someone you would never expect. Safe to say that sometimes you hear something and it sounds right but everything else is off, leaving you wondering if what you heard was right. 602 more words


Baby room additions

Hello all, yes I have been MIA as usual but to be honest I really haven’t been doing much sewing lately. I refuse to sew any garments until after the baby is born (gotta get this big belly under control first!) and as far as sewing baby clothes we have received soooo many in our showers and from our family that the motivation is just not there. 637 more words


Grace vs Our Expectations

We set such weird standards for ourselves.

This thought crossed my mind recently.  It’s been hardly more than a month since New Years and I have already broken many of my resolutions.   604 more words