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Once Again By the River

I can’t tell you how happy I feel when I walk or bike out of the Y on a bright, crispy morning like this — when I enter the buzz of the market, then sit myself down with hot tea and good food beside the sight of the river on which the sun glazes over with grey mist and a million crystal scales. 191 more words


Finding the silver lining...

I was just reminded about a devastating accident that happened to our family several years ago. Even though it is never far from my mind, especially in bad weather, these stories bring the memories flooding back. 717 more words


The Dream

One of my goals in life is to travel. I will be very happy if I will be able to tour my homeland, Philippines. The thing is, when you decide to travel, you need to have a budget and the right time to do the travel which often than not, both do not jive with each other. 381 more words

Sixteen small steps to happiness: Emma Elsworthy

Here’s a  post to make you smile on this rainy Thursday afternoon. It’s originally from Emma Elsworthy’s blog ♡


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Personal ★

8. Belly of the Beast

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Listen to your body”? Well, I’ve spent the last twenty or so completely ignoring mine. Who would ever want to hear “OK, man, it’s probably time you stop eating M&M’s like they’re going out of style,” or “So, yea, you know that beer you love? 1,681 more words


7. Detours

Well, it’s been nine months since we last spoke. I wish I could say that I only needed seven pieces to find myself living a simpler life, but as it were, I found myself living a more complicated one. 1,318 more words


Kubo at Karetilya

Sony NEX 7 + SEL16f28

Captured at Manolo Fortrich Bukidnon, Philippines. This photo is composed of 3 shots in different exposure levels then manually blended into one using Photoshop (aka HDR.. 14 more words