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30 Days Wild in June: the month has ended but the wildness continues!

We realise we haven’t finished off our 30 Days Wild in June updates on the blog – its’ been an incredibly hot week here, and to keep the house cool we’ve been keeping the windows open and the lights off, making blogging very difficult (too dark to see the keyboard!). 579 more words

Stuff That Matters

Downtime Highlights

The past few months in the midst of craziness I’ve really tried to slow down and enjoy the moments.  My main goal continues to be living simply and simply living, breathing in each precious minute and really trying to look for the beauty in everything around me.   283 more words

Simplified Living


The rain has stopped for the time being, and I’m so grateful.  We’ve gotten somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of precipitation this week.  I know it could have been worse, but it’s still just too much. 109 more words

Coree's Posts

Let Life Pass By

I spent a great deal of my childhood watching life go by and often got yelled at for doing so.“You’ll miss out. Live a little!” They would often tell me. 432 more words

Hell Yes! / Hell No! A video to start your minimalist journey.

The charming Tara.E. talks about her journey and tips in a far more descriptive yet down to earth way than I think I can.
It’s solid advice yo.



We have a little family (pretty & witty nieces!) and a simple, laid-back life we love to go home to in Iloilo.



indoor camping… 78 more words


So Much Waste!!!

I woke up this morning thinking about all the areas of the house I need to purge before selling it and starting my new life.  I started in my office and alternated between the office and storage room in my basement.   800 more words