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What Bloody Man Is That? by Simon Brett

What bloody man is that? He can report,

As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt

The newest state.

1987 and Charles Paris is back in work, in a local production of The Scottish Play, no less. 421 more words

Simon Brett

It's a Dirty Story of a Dirty Man*

One interesting plot strategy that authors sometimes use is to fold one story within another. The ‘story within a story’ plot thread needs to be handled very carefully; otherwise the result can be confusing, plodding or meandering. 934 more words

Agatha Christie

My Writing A - Z

Sometimes, I admit it, I’m stuck for things to write about on this blog.

I know, it’s unbelievable but after 457 posts and four and a half years, it gets harder…. 428 more words


Mrs Pargeter's Principle by Simon Brett

Mrs Melita Pargeter has a comfortable life. Widowed, her late husband, who just may have had a hand in a number of rather dubious businesses, has set her up with some of his old associates only too happy to help her out with any problem, no matter how small. 306 more words

Simon Brett

Challenge Tuesday - 13

Unlucky for some… I’m going to use that as my excuse for taking over a week to read this one!

Book 13 – A Comedian Dies… 314 more words

Friday's Library Snaphot ....

These little wood engravings are from The historiated initials from the farmer’s year by Clare Leighton introduced by Simon Brett 2013.

The book was among several used this week in a lesson with some students; before I returned to the store, it I had a peep … it is lovely! 60 more words


Bodies in the Bookshop, A Graph Review

                                                               A Graph Review. 55 with high points of 65

An anthology devised by           Richard Reynolds

Edited by LC Tyler and Ayo Onatade

Ostara publishing.    Dec. 2014. 485 more words

Book Review