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Courteous Drivers Are Out There, Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid!

The Department of Motor Vehicles takes great pains to create long lines for us to stand in to obtain a drivers license. They want your experience at the DMV to be as painful as possible. 684 more words


Chapter 3: I hate children

Hey guys! Really sorry again, I did plan on getting chapters out two or three times a week originally but I may change that to one or two times a week until I am more organised, as stuff has happened recently that has messed up my schedule a little. 1,680 more words


Requiem for a Television

It is a sad, sad thing when a man outlives his television. Oh sure, the cycle for a modern television is anywhere from 5 to 7 years, but the sadness still remains when one realizes that the end is coming. 497 more words


Nest Box Battles

And beautiful tree swallows!

These two beautiful birds were guarding the nest box. I’m not sure if they had eggs in there or whether they planned to have eggs in there, but competition was fierce! 85 more words


Monday Slumps? Try a few books...

We all get the Monday blues, but with a few choice books the day can seem a little brighter!

These are a selection of books that deal with the humor of life. 49 more words