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Don't take yourself too seriously!

When you fall down the stairs face first at the train station (which has obviously never happened to me…) instead of feeling embarrassed and worrying about what everyone around you thinks, laugh it off. 203 more words

because it made me smile

My Facebook friends (who are mostly people I knew in high school) and I recently went on a silly quiz taking spree, laughing and commenting on one another’s results. 86 more words



Spring is the time for

plans and projects,

said Tolstoy who wrote

volumes of work

covering many, many pages

and sweet wisdoms.

Plans and projects… 18 more words


Something Silly: My Daughter Singing

This is my daughter. She’s three years old, and can sing better than this. Really. This was just her being an absolute clown singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… 17 more words


Dancing Fly

Apologies in advance for the silliness of this post!

I saw that the weekly photo challenge was Motion this week and it reminded me of a photo I took last weekend of some flies… I was taking a photo of this pair of flies when the one at the front twiddled its head round in a slightly freaky way. 66 more words


And They All Had a Blast

The second greatest trick the devil ever pulled was during a dinner party in 1978.

He pointed to the host and said, “Pull my finger.” 87 more words