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A great Kitten-filled video lead me to defend taxation

So I was browing Comedy Central videos today trying to find some recent Daily Show clips because I don’t have cable any longer and I know that John Stuart is leaving soon. 334 more words

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WoW - S.E.L.F.I.E.S...

Because it’s not enough that people post pictures of their real selves everywhere… Now we can officially do it in game with the S.E.L.F.I.E toy. 30 more words


Coming Soon ...

Just a shout out to announce the upcoming release of the second Emmaline Waters book–The Mrs.–scheduled to hit Amazon and other online retailers on April 3rd! 2,280 more words


I Went To Our Future

I went to our future in my time machine.
I didn’t really, but you know what I mean.

Actually I decided that we won’t work, 56 more words

Jeff Smith

The Tale of a Tortoise

Once Upon A Time (this is actually a true story) I had a pet tortoise named Rocco. He was a little Russian Tortoise and as cute as reptiles come. 594 more words

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A Very Studious Bat

Today, in “extremely-random-and-so-insidery-you-definitely-won’t-get-it” news, here is a bat hanging from a tree while reading a book:This was my Valentine’s Day gift to someone important to me who is working on his thesis and perhaps benefitted from a little silliness to help with the stress. 34 more words