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International Olly Olly Oxen Free-for-All Day


Big or small,
young or old, today’s the day
you free your soul. For
-giveness, hope and unity
in Costco-sized servings – and
it’s all free! 174 more words

Right Arm Blues

It’s often said
Without a shred
Of sincerity
Or care,

We don’t appreciate
Til it’s too late
Our youth or job
Or hair.

So in my case… 140 more words


My First Haiku - Flowers

Silly Poem (Part Nine)

Tender, soft and light.
Feather-like caressing touch.
Rose petals’ delight.


Writing Poetry.

We are writing silly poems about the great outdoors. We have used back to front ideas, alliterations and rhyming words. Can you write a back to front idea?


Burn Before Eating


(This is just to say)
………I am nom de plum
(from the icebox;
so sweet and so cold).

I am Henry
the Eighth… 39 more words


(My poem, the rebel)


Don’t blame me.

My poem named

She also dressed
herself, which might explain
the turquoise tutu and the
one purple knee sock… 257 more words

A circle of fine cardboard and a chance to see a tassel.

No hassle, hash or mashed tag, small
bag packed, the grades you ate graduate
an A+, plus a red rude
-imentary box. Put on your sox, a pox… 60 more words