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Today at the dog park

  • Laps walked: 2
  • Border Collies: 4
  • German Shepherds: 2
  • Labradors: 4
  • Dobermans (dobermen?): 2
  • Rottweilers: 1
  • Great Danes: 1
  • Cute dogs, but not sure of breed/mix: 3…
  • 51 more words

signs of spring springing up

Now that the snow has melted and the nights aren’t super cold, signs of spring are springing up all over.

Leaves are starting to pop out on the shrubbery. 22 more words


Smoke Sesh for the Ages

Only one holiday exists, the rest are imitations.

Three-hundred and sixty-four straight days of business must pass before respite is reached once again.

At which point, Allen’s wrench gets thrown into the gears of life once a year; and the world is richer for it. 519 more words


Special May Care

My, oh my, look at how much you’ve grown

My dear; I fear, that the last time we met

You were petite enough to be thrown. 162 more words


Welcome To Facebook Mom

Hell did not actually freeze over, but it may as well have:

My Mom joined Facebook.

Her progression into a Facebook account was long and slow, beginning years ago with a complete lack of understanding about what the hell a Facebook was and how we could possibly see and hear all of this news about people that she hadn’t gotten a Christmas card from in a decade. 987 more words

Family Fun

Always Wear Clean Ones in Case of an Accident

Ghost in the Machine

While rushing through the underbrush in rustling underwear,

Ermina realized she’d run from Things that Were Not There—

She paused to contemplate with rue what might appear insane— 63 more words


No. 1022

Tuesday. By CpSingleton © 2015

It was a delightful afternoon, just before bunny-rabbit time, when the royal coach came a calling. Which, to be fair, was quite an achievement for obvious reasons. 143 more words