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Harold Blight and the Third Door

Harold Blight was a sleepwalker.

As surely as every day he would wake up at 6:45 sharp, eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon on top, and dress in a crisply clean suit and tie, every night he would fall into a deep sleep at 9:45 sharp, get out of bed twenty minutes later, and unlock the back door to wander the darkness. 722 more words


The Demise of Dickey

Many years ago when I was trapped by fear-of-starving in a nine-to-five job, I read an article about how filthy rich Danielle Steele was and said to myself “Hey!   875 more words


Pep Rally

Best to drink wine to day,

Surely not on the morrow

Unless their threats are veiled

Then more drinking will follow!

John Noggle is an unromantic bottle of  Moët that re-rediscovered America. 31 more words


A History of Me in 25 Swimsuits - and why I can't throw my old suits away.

I am often asked the question “Just how many swimsuits do you actually have?!?”

The answer is, um, well, a lot. And it’s not just suits. 1,356 more words



…what am I supposed to do with these two hooligans?

The Hubster and Miss Kitty certainly have quite the affinity for one another; like the little sister George never had, and the big brother Kitty never wanted (haha), these two get along like graham crackers and chocolate…which I suppose makes me the marshmallow that glues everything together. 342 more words


IF THE WHOLE WORLD WAS SILLY (Tribute to Shel Silverstein)

If the whole world was silly, you know what I’d eat?

Worm Fettuccini, right off of the street.

Some caramelized whiskers of catfish today;

Tomorrow, perhaps a nice leather fillet. 208 more words

Feel Your Pace

Lying next to a sofa

Is the recumbent figure of a relic

in rouge

A figure of the past,

- Its juices psychedelic

Prevents being a recalcitrant recast… 104 more words