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Forgotten Goofiness

I had forgotten that back when I was in the band Break Even I used to make really stupid little flyers to announce show that I would post on our website. 64 more words

Fun at a knife fight

What a blessing, what a curse

I just can’t make up my mind.

Without it being my intention

I have worked myself into a bind… 72 more words


#BreakingBad with my grocery cart

For the last entire 3 months, my children have either been coughing or had the flu, or at the very least are usually leaking radioactive snot from their sweet little baby noses. 57 more words


Song sung silly

Song sung silly, everybody knows one.

There is a lot of music in our house. I’ve written about it before. I dance with Love Bug  as often as I can. 65 more words

Saith Me... Fake News

Sometimes you really wish the fake news was the real news because it makes you laugh rather than makes you want to cry. 18 more words

Only The Short

No. 1001

The Drunken Viewpoint: night v day. By CpSingleton © 2015

The marvellous thing about the world is this:

No matter how pissed you get you still seem to hit the loo. 14 more words