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New Release - En'kara Silks in Blue

And here we have the last of the updates to the silks already available (rest assured, i will be making many more!).  I retextured the bulge for the red and green version of the En’Kara silks and made a blue version while I was at it.   57 more words


New Release - Memories of Ar (version 1) Silks in Green and Blue

As I’m working to get my in-world store up and running in Second Life, I’ve been continuing to update my available sets and adding new colors as well.   75 more words


New Release - Snake Charmer Silks in Green & Blue

I recently had a request for the Snake Charmer silks (which I had previously only offered in red) to be made available in blue and decided that while I am preparing to open my new in-world store would be the perfect time to get that done.   79 more words


New Release - Misted Silks in Green, Blue & Red

I’ve just finished up a new set of Gorean male slave silks for Second Life.  The “Misted” silks are available in green, blue and red and feature a one piece silk.belt combo (partial mesh) fitted with mesh chain links and a mesh gem.   74 more words


New Release - Rastra Primal Silks

This new set of silks was a bit of a challenge.  A friend asked me to design some silks that would match some feathered shoulders he had, and this is what I came up with.   122 more words