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There was a meditation waiting there this evening

Like a calling to my inner, jaded soul,

A quiet time, a silent time, no thunder,

Unplugged moments, vested in the whole. 59 more words


truth telling

I shared this picture on a Facebook page today.  It is a picture took at the old Athens Lunatic Asylum.  It led to some discussion about the bars on the windows. 373 more words

It’s oh so quiet

There has been a period of silence.
While creating new pieces of lingerie I have found a way of breaking it, not by screaming, but by whispering. 22 more words



What had passed as ten long years for the King and his family had passed quickly for Daniel, a young traveler. He was tall standing an impressive six feet two inches with a shaggy blond mop of hair that fell around his pale ice blue eyes in a light mess. 3,412 more words


Creative Block: The link between depression and creativity

New Shoes Here I Come The link between depression and creativity is debated in many arenas. I do wonder how many Artists and those who operate mostly from the right  side of the brain struggle with this and to what level. 845 more words


One thousand ways to say I love you - 14

92: In this maze I could forever find you.
It’s a feeling of arriving home, for your voice is guidance to my fingers.

93: I am never lost. 104 more words


spring share 58

.. early daffodils .. (click to enlarge ..)

… busy: from now on posting 3 times a week …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0378