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Are you long distance relationship material?

Not everyone is cut out to be in a long distance relationship, and I will tell you why.

Long distance relationships challenge you to love someone who you can’t physically express your love to because they are in another location. 283 more words


I Want to be Down....

Over the past few months, I have been dealing with somewhat of a heartbreak. I’ve been trying so hard to rid myself of any feelings for my past significant other because I know that we are not able to be together at the moment. 174 more words

Post 1: An Introduction?

Well hello, I suppose this is an introduction post. My name is Cheryl and welcome to my “blog”. Well this isn’t exactly a blog… more like a diary of sorts, yes? 499 more words


Marriage year 2: Growth/ Brain Dump

If a marriage isn’t growing and changing then it isn’t going to flourish! Growth is sometimes a scary thing and often times leaves me feeling like I don’t know as much as I thought and I wonder if I was even ready to get married. 1,421 more words



This seems to be the way of the world today. There are many people in what’s supposed to be committed relationships, yet they display no signs of  commitment. 623 more words

Don't Sell Your Soul To Propose To Your Significant Other

Engagement rings: a fantasy for girls, a nightmare for guys. But you don’t always have to spend your life savings on a ring. Especially if you know what to look for. 654 more words

Song of the Week: "Break Stuff"

It was this kind of day at work, and I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be the same. >.<

Limp Bizkit — “Break Stuff,” from the album Significant Other (1999).

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