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When Is It Okay to Just Say "Happy Birthday" on Facebook?

Now there’s rules for THIS too??

A writer for “Time” magazine posted a list of birthday etiquette tips. It’s basically a list of people in your life, and how you should wish them happy birthday. 201 more words


4 Signs Meet the Parents Dinner Went Well

My boyfriend came to visit me in New York last weekend because it was his spring break. It was fantastic and I wish I could go back in time and relive it, repeatedly! 623 more words

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Tricks to Keep Yourself from Drunk Texting Him

We’ve all been there…in a new/ undefined relationship with someone and had the urge to text and/or call that special someone one or more times, whether there’s an actual conversation going on between you two at the time or not…and this urge is only intensified by alcohol. 244 more words


Telling lies

I’ve been telling lies so long I think it has become second nature to lie and evade questions about the SO and me.

Is It Okay To Go On Vacation With A Man Who Isn't Your Boyfriend?

This woman may possibly become the most hated woman in Boston. Recently our friend Carmen jetted off to Cancun with a man who isn’t her boyfriend, and didn’t tell her boyfriend about it. 55 more words



Is it so wrong to want a love like in the movies?? Does a love like that even exist?

Honestly I’m not looking for anything amazing and spectacular, just someone that does special little things to show his love, someone that picks me up and swings me around when we hug. 309 more words

The Star Shines Still

“You have not two realities, but one. Nor can you be aware of more than one. An idol or the Thought God holds of you is your reality. 381 more words