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Well, I guess someone is ready for bed…

Just Plain Cute

#82225032014 (I Didn't Write About You.)

“Love with every stranger / The stranger the better
Would things be easier if there was a right way / Honey, there is no right way.”

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Enjoy this special Wednesday edition of Poetry Spotlight from our newest Guest Contributor, Cary Maya.


As navigator gull maneuvers cloud’s breath sighed from shore… 130 more words


Today's Sky

The moon was a lopsided smile flanked on either side with a dimple of a star.

I’ll take feeble light to pitch blackness any day of the week.


Pet Peeves (1)

  • a particular and often continual annoyance

Examples of PET PEEVE

  • One of my biggest pet peeves is people driving too slowly on the highway.
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I know you love me, but do you know me? How can you know me if you never listen?


Fire safety, medical school style

So, normally we don’t have class on Tuesday afternoons.  It’s protected time in our schedule that they aren’t allowed to school in…except in the case of rescheduling for snow days, like the one we had last Monday.   129 more words

Medical School