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and welcome to my morning

currently as i try to eat breakfast, 10yo is up on the kitchen counter screaming because 7yo is crawling toward her in a bikini saying “revenge” over and over in a creepy way.  *sigh*


Social relations. Sigh.

So I feel like a total dweeb today.

As my long term readers know, I don’t give a fine flying about age, rage, gender, religion, or racecar preference, but you’d have trouble figuring that one out today. 253 more words

Elusive happiness

Why is it that every time something good happens there must be 100 negatives to follow?
It’s like we can’t experience happiness for more that a few hours or days. 45 more words

Will Dance for Work

The first adult job (i.e. post college) I had had an endless amount of work.  It was boring and mindless work, but it was work nonetheless.   705 more words

Life Lessons