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Help! I ate some Happy!

Some kind of sorcery is done on me some nights and I know this because I wake up deliriously happy! Today I’m definitely a victim of some such experiment. 199 more words

That Is SO Me!


All over- thinkers are manipulative control freaks.


So, basically…

I no longer have a prom date.

That’s right. I shall be going to prom with a pineapple now.

What happened?

I shall tell you. 347 more words

Sigh~by Saroj Padhi


One sigh from the corner
Of your eye
At the fall of brow
Though slow ,
Is potent enough to break
An entire civilization, 121 more words


I volunteered myself for a double at work and it kicked my *bleep*. That is 16 hours, no breaks at the front desk of a hotel. 73 more words


What's a surd?

My mathematics skills have atrophied horrendously over the last decade.

Once upon a time I could do maths. Lots of maths. Maths about Schrödinger’s equation… 138 more words


Breath of the Candle

whispers of the night’s intentions
desires and the heat increasing
the look within the eyes said it all
no words needs,
only breath and the stroke of fingertip’s singing. 28 more words