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She put her arms around me, wet face and all. I hung on in response and closed my eyes as she murmured soft words and squeezed me tightly. 111 more words


Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 166: Wood of Cree


 ‘Sigh ~ a long, deep, audible breath . . .’

a slight breeze in little trees
a nibble of bark
an exhale of mist… 206 more words

To Write the Paper or Not to Write the Paper

Technical answer is I will write the paper, but when, they is the whole larger question. In approximately 5 hours I am to go out with friends, and it is likely an intelligent idea to start the paper now. 9 more words


I’m suspended in a bubble

that spun and spun

for an eternity within a marginalised

static space, that refused to stop

itself from being isolated… 6 more words

Quietly Sigh

For Cathy

They come at me
In all directions
Never quite understanding
My emphatic objections

The longing for peace
In the simplest form
As sadly I realize… 50 more words


The Wise

You go to dead places, one place to another
The last time it was the colosseum.
When asked why, you go quiet and whisper
To seek wisdom. 118 more words